Stem Cell Consultants

Our Specialized Services

  1. Comprehensive Technical and Scientific backup : Stem Cell expansion and differentiation protocols. Device (therapeutic & processing) design, development etc. Designing and developing stem cell processing protocols on the lines of drug discovery and/or toxicity testing. Facilitation of clinical translation from pre-clinical data through IND for cell therapy products.
  2. Market research and analysis : We will perform the Introductory overview of regenerative medicine industry, market analysis, market research, development of regenerative medicine / cell therapy strategies for clients, VC`s, Corporate etc. to identify opportunities in stem cell industry.
  3. Product Marketing : Our biggest strength lies in facilitating the marketing of the finished stem cell product through branding or re-branding, trade show management,  website development & management, marketing collateral development (e.g., flyers, brochures, handouts, folders, presentation templates), soft marketing strategies  like publications, conference presentations, industry conventions etc. and strategies around utilizing digital marketing (e.g., video, digital business cards, websites),  search engine optimization, etc. as well as electronic media .
  4. Publicity and PR: We also facilitate the Publicity through Press releases, websites, and strategies around utilizing traditional and digital communications (e.g., email, newsletters, video, blogs, podcasts), presentations (scientific, corporate, and financial audiences),  media management, story pitches & integration strategies, etc. Print (e.g., journals, magazines, conference documents) & Digital (e.g., e-newsletters, digital ads, podcasts, conference campaigns) media campaign development etc.
  5. Business Development : We will assist in B plan writing, strategizing, Competitor analysis, market size evaluations, sales lead identification, development of market strategies, and also help in identifying strategic partners and collaborators.
  6. Operations and Project management strategies : Once the stem cell processing facility is up and running we will facilitate the implementation of protocols, management, and if required supervision too. Apart from this we can organize Budgeting, IT, intranet etc. As well as Identify primary targets for fundraising, collaborations assistance etc.
  7. Headhunting : We can facilitate Recruitment, through career fairs, HR profiling, and various employee evaluation programs
  8. Legal issues and Liaoning
    We can facilitate your negotiations, help in deal management, licensing, contracting, and transition management. Also we assist in lesioning with various regulatory bodies.
  9. Third Party Certifications : We provide technical consultancy services for GMP, ISO, OHSAS, AABB etc.

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