FDA 510k Clearance

A 510(k) clearance refers to a premarket submission made to the U.S. FDA to demonstrate that the device to be marketed is at least as safe and effective, and is, substantially equivalent, to a legally marketed device after obtaining 510k clearance. To obtain 510(k) clearance, the submitter must compare their device to one or more similar 510k cleared devices of the same intended use and technological characteristics, or if there are differences, the differences do not raise new questions of safety and effectiveness and the device is at least as safe and effective as the predicate device.

Once the FDA reviews the submission and determines that the device meets the criteria for substantial equivalence, it is cleared for marketing in the United States. However, it’s important to note that a 510(k) clearance is not the same as FDA approval, which is required for certain high-risk medical devices through the PMA process.

The process for obtaining 510k Clearance

Obtaining 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) involves several steps. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Determine if your medical device requires 510(k) clearance. Some low to moderate-risk medical devices can be cleared through the 510(k) pathway, while higher-risk devices may require Premarket Approval (PMA). Also note, a few very low-risk devices is even exempted from 510k clearance.
  2. Identify a legally marketed predicate device that is similar to your device’s intended use, technological characteristics, and indications for use. The predicate device will serve as a reference point for demonstrating substantial equivalence.
  3. Compile all documentation and information required for the 510(k) submission. This typically includes:
    • Device description and specifications
    • Indications for use
    • Comparison to the predicate device
    • Biocompatibility data
    • Performance testing
    • Software documentation (if applicable)
    • Clinical data (if necessary)
  4. Submit the 510(k) application to the FDA. The submission should include all required forms, fees, and supporting documents. The FDA will review the submission to ensure it is complete and meets the regulatory requirements. Incomplete files will be intimated via RTA (Refuse to Accept)
  5. The FDA will review the 510(k) submission to determine if the device is substantially equivalent to the predicate device and meets applicable regulatory requirements. The review process typically involves evaluating the submitted data and may include additional information or clarification requests.
  6. If the FDA requests additional information or clarification during the review process, provide a timely response to address their concerns. Failure to respond adequately may result in delays or denial of clearance.
  7. If the FDA determines that the device is substantially equivalent and meets all regulatory requirements, they will issue a 510(k) clearance letter. This letter permits the device to be marketed and sold in the United States.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and timelines for obtaining 510(k) clearance may vary depending on the type of medical device and its intended use. Engaging with regulatory consultants like us can be helpful in navigating the process effectively.


510k Submission & Documentation Fees

(510K Consulting, Preparation, Pre-submission, Final Submission & US Agent)

  • US FDA Medical Device Establishment Registration FY 2023 Fees: $6493 
  • FDA 510k Review Fee FY-2023 (Standard): $19870
  • FDA 510k Review Fee FY-2023 (Small Business): $4967

Clients may make the above payments directly to US FDA

OPTION 1: FDA 510k Complete Package Fees

Payable to MedDeviceCorp [Oct 2022 – Sep 2023]

Type of Device

Guidance Fee

510(k) (File) preparation

Submission Fee


8000 – 9000 USD

6000 – 7000 USD

500 USD


10000 – 11000 USD

8000 – 9000 USD

500 USD


12000 – 13000 USD

10000 – 11000 USD

500 USD

OPTION 2: FDA 510k Partial Service Fees

Payable to MedDeviceCorp [Oct 2022 – Sep 2023]




USFDA 510(k) detailed Review

6500 – 8500 USD /510(k)

Device Code, Regulation Number & Predicate device accurate information must be provided by the client.

Timeline 30 working days

USFDA 510(k) Quick Review +

FDA Pre-Submission *

6000-7500 USD/510(k)

Expected timeline 90 to 120 days.

US Agent Fees, File Conversion & Stationery / Courier charges included

( No payment needed for FDA)

* 510(k) submission can be added to the above service with additional fees of 1500 USD

USFDA 510(k) Pre-Submission

3500 USD /510(k)

US Agent Fees, File Conversion & Stationery / Courier charges included

Expected timeline 90 days.

( No payment needed for FDA)

USFDA 510(k) Pre-Submission + FDA 510k Submission

6500 USD / 510(k)

Expected Pre-Submission timeline 90 days

Expected 510(k) Review timeline 120 days

FDA Pre-Submission is free and 510(k) Submission FY review charges applicable

US Agent Fees, File Conversion & Stationery / Courier charges included

Important Information

  • Country specific Government taxes additional.
  • 510k Consultant onsite visit based on customer request. Travelling and Boarding extra invoiced on actual.
  • Project cost is divided into 4 instalments based on the progress of the project.
  • Method of communication – Email / Telephone / Skype / WhatsApp.
  • Language for communication – English.
  • Complete documentation by Cloud server.
  • 510k preparation timeline 60 to 90 days and Pre-submission approx. 90 days.
  • Expected timeline for completing FDA multiple reviews and Clearance 140 – 180 working days.

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