Literature Search and Review Protocol


Literature Search and Review Protocol Clinical Evaluation Report with incomplete documentation of the literature search and review will lead to a non-conformity. Because the MDCG document 2020-13 specifically requires notified bodies to verify the literature search documentation, this can result in unnecessary questions or even audit variations. A search methodology is used to carry out a literature search and review protocol and other data retrieval. The search protocol documents the planning of the search forward to its execution. The process for literature search and review is stated in Appendix A5 of the MEDDEV 2.7/1 guidance. Importance of Developing a [...]

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EU 2017/745 and PMS


EU 2017/745 and Post Market Surveillance EU 2017/745 Post Market Surveillance (PMS) is one of the essential requirements for EU MDR (2017/745) compliance. It refers to monitoring the Medical device after it is introduced into the market and used by public members. Though the conformity of the device to general safety and performance requirements is demonstrated during the premarket phase, at that time it is not always possible to gather all the data related to the safety and performance as some rare complications and risks manifest with the widespread and long term(regular) use of the device. To detect these [...]

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Investigational Device


Attributes of Investigational Device Exemption for Clinical Studies IDE permits the investigational device to be used in a clinical study in order to assemble data related to safety and efficacy. In order to support PMA clinical studies are conducted whereas as in the case of 510(k)s  rarely clinical data is needed for the application. Clinical evaluation of specific modifications or new intended use of legally marketed devices is to be incorporated for investigational use. Before the clinical study is initiated all the possible clinical evaluations of investigational devices, unless exempt, must have an approved IDE. Perhaps, IDE is considered [...]

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CE Marking of Teeth Whitening Kit


CE Certification of Teeth Whitening Kit  Teeth Whitner (Regulation (EU) 2017/745) There are two possibilities of Class: Class I, Class IIa, Rule 5 as per Annex VIII Rule 5:  All invasive devices with respect to body orifices, other than surgically invasive devices, which are not intended for connection to an active device or which are intended for connection to a class I active device are classified as Class I if they are used in the oral cavity as far as the pharynx, in an ear canal up to the eardrum or in the nasal cavity for short term use. Class [...]

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ISO 14971 Risk Analysis


ISO 14971 Risk Analysis For Medical Devices There is a saying, "A bitter pill to swallow", which means that we have to accept it even though it is very unpleasant. Similar way, the products which we are used for the treatment of patients have some side effects or harm, but we should use them to save lives. Then how can we proceed further? Let's come to know that there is a probability of occurrence of harm associated with the use of particular medicine or device. We should estimate the severity of that harm. We generally called it "Risk". There [...]

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Stem Cell Facility Consultants (GMP)


Stem Cell Facility Consultants (GMP) We support companies poised to make early inroads into the burgeoning Stem cell & Regenerative Therapy industry to improve their business, profile, products, and processes. Who can benefit from our Stem cell consultancy services? Companies new to the sector (e.g., pharma's, biotech, investor, VC`s, etc.) we help you understand the stem cell industry and opportunities for your participation. Companies who are already in the Stem cell sector, we help you to position the company and/or products better to capture more market share. Mature companies, who eye the attention of potential investigators, collaborators, licensees, partners, [...]

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510(k) Program Pilots


Quality in 510(k) Program Pilots For specific device types, the Quality in 510(k) Review Program Pilot offers an alternative means of submitting a premarket notice (510(k) to the FDA by using the e-Submitter software to prepare the submission. The FDA announced its intention to end the quality in 510(k) review program pilot on april 26, 2021. quality in 510(k) review files will no longer be accepted by the FDA after May 30, 2021. The FDA also provided a list of the medical devices and product codes that were applicable to this programme. The pilot's goal is to assess the [...]

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CE Marking Consultants


CE Marking Consultants for Medical Device CE Marking Consultants assist new medical device manufacturers in bringing a new device to the EU market or transitioning an existing medical device Technical File to MDR. See how we can assist you in the sections below. The medical device industry is aware of the difficulties in obtaining CE Marking for in vitro diagnostics and medical devices. The new medical device regulation (MDR) and the in-vitro diagnostic regulation (IVDR) require more detailed documentary evidence to show that your device is safe, efficient, and performing as intended by the manufacturer. Therefore, we highlight some [...]

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Major difference between MDD and MDR


The major difference between MDR and MDD Red marked are the major differences in the MDR requirements. Term MDR Surgically Invasive Device an invasive device which penetrates inside the body through the surface of the body, including through mucous membranes of body orifices with the aid or in the context of a surgical operation; (Annex VIII) Injured skin or mucous membrane means an area of skin or a mucous membrane presenting a pathological change or change following disease or a wound. Active device Covered under Article 2 ‘active device’ means any device, the operation of which depends on a [...]

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MDR State Of The Art (SOTA Analysis)


State Of The Art (SOTA Analysis) State of the Art (SOTA Analysis) is demonstrated by the inclusion of information related to the standard of care, current knowledge, and available treatment options in the form of devices under evaluation, similar devices, and alternatives of the medical field. During the literature search, a SOTA-specific question is framed, followed by a search using various keywords, and the PICO strategy and report are prepared accordingly. CONTACT UF FOR GUIDANCE - FILL THE FORM How to satisfy the requirements for SOTA Medical Devices? By inclusion of below points in Clinical evaluation report: Clinical background [...]

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