GMP Facility for the Manufacturing of Drugs, Medical Device, Cosmetics & Food.

The modern era on the state of art manufacturing facilities (world class facility) are designed and constructed in accordance with strict cGMP requirements.

Design, construction, and commercialization of Cleanrooms facilities are an expensive process that requires detailed planning and resources. It also dictates the quality and compliance of products that are to be manufactured and their profitability over the long run. Therefore, these activities must be planned in detail with the end in mind including the regulatory, project funding, future expansion, for the types of products according to intended commercial markets in addition to the facility’s country of location. After all, it would just be too cumbersome and expensive to make any significant changes to the facility design or construction after it is completed and has become operational if errors are found or worse, regulatory agencies deny its approval for manufacturing.

New Manufacturing Facility Layout Design

The GMP consultants are technical persons with many years of real time work experience in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Industries, so the consultants are capable to understand the product and decide on how it should be followed. The facility is designed for..

  • Compliance with leading regulatory Bodies
  • Lean manufacturing Compliance
  • Space utilization
  • Risk Free
  • Uniflow movement of man, material and finished products
  • Easy access to materials and consumables

New GMP Manufacturing Facility Room Book.

Consultants prepare the room book which contains correct and specific information about each room in particular.

  • Area and Height
  • Air classification with pressure differentials
  • Cleanroom panel and specification
  • Doors and Windows specification
  • Room Temperature and Humidity
  • Lighting and points
  • Electrical connections and points
  • HVAC ducts points
  • Floor, Wall, Ceiling specification
  • Drainage points
  • Equipment installation points

Detailed scope of MedDeviceCorp 

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