Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program VCRP

Cosmetic Facility Registration (USFDA)

Cosmetics are exempted from FDA premarket approval or mandatory establishment registration or ingredient reporting. It is manufacturers responsibility to assure that its cosmetic products and ingredients are safe and properly labeled, in full compliance with the US FDA regulations.

The Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP) is an FDA post-market reporting system for use by manufacturers, packers, and distributors of cosmetic products that are in commercial distribution in the US. There are two parts in FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration program; you may participate in both parts of the program or only one part.

The VCRP applies only to cosmetic products sold in the United States. It does not apply to cosmetic products for professional use only, such as products used in beauty salons, spas, or skin care clinics. It also does not apply to hotel samples or free gifts or cosmetic products you make in your home to sell to your friends.

Cosmetic Facility registration with the US FDA

We help manufactures and packers interested to register their establishments with US FDA in order to sell their products in the US market. Distributors are not allowed as per the law.

FDA assigns a registration number to each manufacturing establishment registered and sends you a receipt.

Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statements (CPIS) Filing with FDA

We help manufactures, packers, private labeler or distributor interested to file a statement for each product the firm has entered into commercial distribution in the United States.

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